A Very Good Day

Man, I gotta prune those Triffids

It was lovely last weekend, the perfect day to have my mother out for a birthday dinner. I'm home pretty rarely, and the folks don't travel as well as they used to, so it's not often they get out to my place. I decided this would be a perfect time for a homey little crab boil. For those who haven't read my blog before, I did my first crab boil back in June. I've done one more since then, and figured it was about time for a third.

Don't bother us, boy: we're eating. Mom and Dad hard at work on the shellfish.

I'd have to say the meal was a success. The crabs were sweet and succulent, the spot prawns firm and juicy . . . aw heck, it was all good. Mom told me she had never eaten cracked crab before! I guess it was about time, then. Spot prawns were a first for both Mom and Dad as well, but they really liked them. Still, I was the only one who sucked the heads. Hepatopancreas isn't for everyone, I guess.

Funny enough, it was the most food I've ever seen my dad eat. Not that he doesn't have a good appetite, but he kept up with me, and I've got 120 pounds on him! Glad you enjoyed yourself, Pop.

We spent a lovely afternoon on the patio, watching the beach go by, shaded from a bright sunny day. Finally, it was time for cake.

We took pity on her and only put on one candle. Go mom!

She says it's the last time she's turning 39, and more power to her. Happy birthday Mom, many fine returns of the day.

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