Vacation is (Almost) Over

Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school.

Well, perhaps it's not that bad. I've still got Monday off (to compensate for the BC Day holiday that occurred while I was on vacation. Yes, I've been lolly-gagging for two solid weeks, and the only thinking about wine that I did was to consider which bottle to open with lunch, and which one to open with dinner.

Where did I go? In the parlance of our times, I took a 'staycation'. Not really because of economic necessity, but because I really love staying home. Regular blog readers will recall that I live on a beach, and lead a scandalously hedonic lifestyle when I can get away with it.

Besides, we had just come back from a few days in Washington DC, visiting monuments and national historical sites and museums. Enough of the travel and theu hurly-burly of travel and airports. I was perfectly in the mood for some down-time. After all, there was plenty to do. Both of the gardens needed tending

Always so busy! Stop and smell the flowers

The vegetable garden was producing, albeit a little slowly compared to other years. We had a cold, late spring and we were away just as it started to warm up.

Fava beans, snow peas and zucchini from our garden. Bocconcini from a buffalo.

There were indignant cats to placate


And some that needed encouragement to think outside the box

Got 'er in a case lot sale

And, as is our custom this time of year, we spent an evening watching the Perseid's meteor shower, floating in the hot tub. The seeing this year was okay, but we had to deal with a very bright full moon

Bad moon! Quit rising!

Even without the interference of a bright moon I don't have enough camera skills to capture falling stars--for those of you who missed the shower entirely, check it out here.

We also went to check out a recent arrival at the beach.

Nice marmot, man

The Wildlife Branch says that marmots are not native to this area, but then again, neither am I. Cute little rodent, and while it's not tame, it's not worried at all about human beings. Still, nothing like seeing a six-pound rat strolling along beside you on your constitutional.

It's back to the office at the crack of business hours on Tuesday. I had a brief look at my inbox, and if you're waiting for an email from me, I'll do my best to fit you in before I hie off to Ontario for a sales meeting. Tanned, rested and ready, that's me.


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