The Limiteds Are Here!

Woo hoo, Limiteds are here! Well, no, they're not really. But they will be, and we know what they are!

Winexpert is proud to announce our 2008 Selection Limited Edition Wines! You'll remember it was about this time last year that I announced our 2007 line-up. I'm just as pleased with the wines this year, and there are a couple of personal favorites of mine coming round. You can click through on the first link to get the full marketing-speak on each of the varieties, but to give you a thumbnail on each one:

  • The New Zealand Merlot and Gewurztraminer are no-brainers. They're both absolutely delicious wines that will drink fairly well young, but will show brilliantly with a year of age, with the Merlot getting more majestic and tasty for at least four years. NZ isn't yet famous for it's Gewurz, but it does the same thing with it that it does with Sauvignon Blanc: knocks it out of the park with lush fruit and rich aroma. I'm making three of each, maybe four of the Gewurz because . . . well, because I'm greedy, and it's off-dry and going to by yumm-o.
  • The blockbuster red is the South African Cabernet Sauvignon. Swartland dry-farmed bushvines? Better bolt your palate on, because this ogre of a Cab is going to have a lot of power and extract. Don't waste any by drinking it young. I know what it says in the paragraph on ageing, but really, if you want to enjoy the best bang for your buck, lay it down for a year before trying it. Pepper! Blackberry! Blackcurrant!
  • The Alsatian Riesling is the sleeper white. It's dry, austere, lean and elegant, an altogether different style of white wine. Think of the graceful aromatics of Riesling with the rich intensity of French Chardonnay. Nom! People who hesitate because it's a dry Riesling will be kicking themselves for not making this gorgeous wine.
  • The Italian Dolcetto d'Alba is my personal favorite of the lot. It's got a wonderful, fruity profile that doesn't go overboard into jamminess. Instead, it's got a wallop of well-knit, frisky tannin and enough acidity to make a great food wine. I've said in the past that I like to drink Dolcetto out of pint mugs, and this is definitely going to be my year. Why do I like it so much? Nothing to put your finger on, but I always want more than one glass of this delicious wine.

And with that, I'm about to bid a fond au revoir to my desk and chair. Limited Edition season means travelling around the country to give retailer and consumer seminars, and that means a bit of travelling for me. I'll be in Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox, Kamloops, Brandon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Minnesota, Rochester, Langley, Coquitlam and many other, equally exotic locations over the next three months. I'll be road blogging, and if you're coming to any of my events, I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Now, where's my passport and my drinking shoes?

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