People Who Write About Wine Can't Be Trusted (Yes, Again)

Nobody who says they're trustworthy actually is.

Some days it seems like I'm picking on Alder Yarrow. Today, however, Alder is just the messenger. Unlike previous blogs, wherein I was  uncharitable about something Alder said, this time I'm grateful to him for pointing out someone else who has earned my pique: Talia Baiocchi, and through her I'm climbing back on my favorite hobbyhorse, You Can't Trust Wine Writers (Including Me).

It all started like this: Alder posted a link to an article about Vinturi wine aerators on Bon Appetit. In it the author, Ms. Baiocchi, who was guesting at Bon Appetit (she writes for reviewed the Vinturi, an interesting gizmo designed to aerate wine quickly, mimicking the effects of decanting. more

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