Travellin', Man

No, it's only this beautiful on days ending in a 'y'

I'm off, only this time it's not for wine business. Instead of the exotic locales of Philadelphia and St. Louis I'm heading to boring old Mexico. We're staying on the Caribbean side at a place called Xcaret. It's an all-inclusive resort inside a nature park, next to a Disneyland-style Mayan theme park. more

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Out to Lunch

Brenda, Tim, Gladys and Floyd

Had the chance to step out for lunch today with my parents and my sister, who was in from Kelowna, in BC's interior. I'd love to report that we enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine with our repast, but my parents are teetotal and Brenda was very abstemious, so I made do with a pint of Crannóg Ales Crannóg Ales Crannóg AlesStout, a fine brew. more

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Books, Customer Service, and Marketing

So many words, so beautiful.

I love books. I read three or four books a week, own several thousand, and would have more books than would fit in my living space if I didn't need space for beds, kitchens and the cat's laboratory. Books and reading are the secret keys to the universe. Bruce Sterling said in his immensely important work on futurism, Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years, that successful people in the future would be those who could read and understand information, and re-purpose it to good use. That's essentially how I make my living--that and being charming, mostly. Reading is my primary method of dealing with my world, and prosecuting my job activities. more

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Spine Chilling Tales!

I've gotten a couple of notes asking me if I did the Polar Bear Swim in White Rock again this year. The answer is, of course! My old friend (it's not that either of us is so old, per se, it's that we've known each other for coming up to 40 years) David and I hit the beach January 1st with several hundred other lunatics for White Rock's Polar Bear Swim.

David seems nonplussed. Weakling! more

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Resolutions Kept

Funny Cow Blue, Marcia Baldwin Looks blue-licious!

The last day of the year is traditionally one where new resolutions are made. In this context, my dictionary says a resolution is 'a a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner'. Deciding to behave a certain way is much easier than actually doing it but that's human nature all over. more

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