Hi I'm Tim

I'm Winexpert's Wine-guy. Technical Manager. Thingy-doer. Actually, it's hard to explain what I do. Mainly I talk about winemaking, wine, kit wine technology and applications, and anything else that people will sit still and listen to.

I'm blogging here about not only Winexpert products and the company, but also anything else fermenty. My usual writing style is pretty loose, and I can never stay on topic (my wife says I have undiagnosed ADD) so a blog with no set topic is probably all for the best.

I'm nearing 50, and I live in White Rock British Columbia with my wife of 29 years and a couple of horrible little cats.

An opthalmologist once wrote me to admonish me not to let cats lick my eyeball. Spot is actually licking my upper eyelid, not the actual eyeball. 

He must have liked the taste because he bit my eyebrow immediately after this picture was taken. 

Important Questions I get asked:

What's a good wine?

Anything you like to drink is good. Seriously, if you enjoy it, it's awesome. Never let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't enjoy.

What's your favorite wine?

Whatever I'm holding at the moment. I'm awfully fond of Champagne and mind-bendingly expensive French Burgundy, but I'm happy to drink anything reasonably tasty.

Do you ever drink anything else?

Sometimes a day goes by when I don't have time to enjoy a beer--but not two days in a row. In between I'm very fond of the brown liquors, with emphasis on Scotch and Irish whisky, love a good cocktail (after three decades of devotion I'm still working on my Martini recipe) and sometimes even drink non-alcoholic beverages and I'll try anything once. I'm not big on sweet drinks, or drinks made out of candy--they strike me as childish, and I grew up specifically so I could enjoy potent, bitter, sour things, not comforting sweetness. 

Are you a curmudgeon?

Kind of. I really like people, though. You especially. 

Can I ask you a question about winemaking?

I'm pretty booked up most of the time, so if you try to contact me, it may be a while before I get back to you. If you're trying to get an answer about Winexpert products or using our kits, check out our Wiki site: http://www.winexpert.com/wine-wiki. It's pretty awesome.

Do you do anything else?

Besides drink, you mean? I'm a competitive powerlifter, love motorcycles, garden a lot, hunt and shoot guns, travel, and I try to spend as much time as I can reading and thinking. Sometimes I write for magazines and blogs and such. 

How did you get this job?

I'm still working that out.