Lest We Forget

Today we pause to honour the heroes who answered the call for their country. Canada has a proud legacy of valour in war and service in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

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Tobacco Road

He's in flavour country. Wonder if you need a passport?

I’m not a smoker. To be sure, at one point in my life I tried really hard to become one, in an effort to emulate my father. Not only did he look like Johnny Cash (The Coolest Man Who Ever Lived) but also when he pulled a smoke out of his pack of Navy Cuts (the ones with the pretty girl in the Glengarry cap on the package) he would smoke like a cross between James Dean and a burning forest, with his internal landscape rearranged to permit the ingress of at least a dozen cubic feet of smoke every time he took a drag.

He also killed time in front of the TV rolling his own, a fascinating process that involved a machine the size of a paperback book with a tobacco loading slot and a lever, that when yanked carefully both compressed the shreds of demon weed into a tube and injected it into a waiting filter-tube. I mean, how cool is that to a gadget obsessed little shaver?

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