This is the Week(s) That Was (Were)

I've been to all those places, and the Black Hills are more deep browns and greys

Limited Edition in the Mile High City

Weeks without blogging, for shame. People ask me how I manage to do all the stuff I cram into my life and still blog. Usually with deadline-crashing terror. I have so many words in a row due to various people that whenever I do manage to get any writing done, I feel like I'm cheating on someone else. That's the (overdue, past deadline) story of my life.

One of the things a long-time traveller does after a while to compare the weather in the locations they visit, both against each region they find themselves in and to the weather at home. Mark Twain famously said, 'Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it'. more

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The Grand Tour

Where's Passepartout when I need him? Click on photo for gigantic image.

It's definitely not going to the the travels of Phileas Fogg, but I'm going around North America for very nearly the next 80 days. Limited Edition 2010 is upon us, and I'm off to give some lectures about the wines and show off the wines and the food pairings that go with them. In addition to my travels I've got a bunch of folks doing parallel events: in Canada, wine educator and bon vivant Dave Laroque is doing a bunch of presentations in Ontario and British Columbia, our account managers are doing events in every province, and in the USA our LD Carlson representatives are on the same mission, although I'm helping out in a few cities as I'm available. 

I think I've got most of my schedule nailed down, all but for the flight bookings and packing some clean socks. A partial list: more

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Different Wines for Different Kinds

Behold, the power of SCIENCE!

My business is consumer winemaking products, and Global Vintner's, the umbrella company that Winexpert is part of, is the largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products in the world. Our normal modus operandi is to provide an equipment kit and a Bag-in-Box 'kit' of blended and balanced juices and concentrates sufficient to make thirty bottles of wine. It only takes a few square feet of space, less than three hours of work and less than eight weeks of waiting to make some pretty darn good wine.

Normally, the only alternative people making their own wines at home think of is whole winemaking grapes. It's a big market as well, but unless you live near a productive vineyard area or on a straight trucking path from one, they can be difficult to access, not to mention the fun and games of processing an primary agricultural product. (Don't get me wrong, I love grape winemaking, just don't have the space and time these days). It's pretty much a year or longer to get the wine in the bottle as well. more

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