Smoking Ruins

This will not end well . . .

Ahh, computers: what did we use for excuses before they were invented?

I'm travelling in Ontario this week, visiting some of our retail partners and doing some store planning. I don't get out here often enough, and it's great to see what's happening in one of our largest markets. I also managed a very nice dinner with Colin and Craig, my chums from Wine Sense. It's their 20th anniversary in business, and we had a planning meeting here in St. Catherines, which is very convenient to the Hilldbrand Winery. Dinner at the winery restaurant was pretty darn fine, and a good time was had by all. more

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Gin Yummy - In Search of the Perfect Martini

Caution: the following blog contains descriptions and situations involving delicious cocktails, and is intended only for legal adults. It also contains great big cranky opinions and dogma presented as inviolable truth. Baloney detector advised. more

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