Say Phil, What Did Delaware to the Party? Her NEW JERSEY!

Cracked, but never broken- the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Okay, dumb title, but it's my favourite memory aid to states of the US East. I'm starting this blog entry on the 12th, and if everything goes according to the norm, I should finish it sometime next week, when I'm in Manitoba. more

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Southern Charm

Downtown Atlanta. Looks different from that movie I saw--less burny.

Another Friday, another airplane and a chance to catch up on my bloggery pokery. It's been another zoomy week for Technical Services, aka 'Mr. Vandergrifts Chaos Emporium'. Monday I hopped on a Delta flight to get to North Carolina, via Minneapolis. I tend to be a linear thinker, so the idea that I can't always just go straight from airport A to airport B seems wacky, but the amazing and incomprehensible world of airlines dictates the use of hubs to direct traffic around. Funny, what I think of when I hear 'hub' is a greasy wheel bearing that's making horrible noises and is going to cost me money . . . there's a metaphor in there somewhere, I'm sure. more

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