Turning Water Into Wine

Now, if I can find the meat fountain and the salad waterfall, I'm set.

Not since the Mario brothers stereotyped Italian plumbers as tortoise hating, gorilla baiting, princess-rescuing do-gooders has civilisation seen such a miracle of modern ablutionary events. According to The UK Times online, bungling plumbers caused wine to flow from the taps of local residents.

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What's It All About?

Cal! Don't look so sad!

Ah, Limited Edition season. For me it forms about one-third of my entire work year. It's not just being on the road from the beginning of October until the middle of December: there's a lot of work involved in choosing and testing the Limited Edition varietals, the commercial equivalents for tasting purposes, and the recipes and food items that match up with them. Once that's done I put together a one-hour presentation on regions, grapes, flavours and foods for use across Canada, the USA, England, Australia and New Zealand, etc. etc.

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Limited Edition Tour Week One

Why is it so dark in this picture, and why is that box tilted to the left?

Whoo-eee! It's been a busy week in the Western USA. I flew into Denver to do a couple of Limited Edition Events. The first one was for the Brew Hut in Aurora Colorado. Wonderful folks there, and they put on a great event, despite having just come off the weekend of the Great American Beer festival. They also happen to run a micro-brewery attached to their retail store, and this year they took a silver medal for their beer, so there was much rejoicing and happy faces.

We also had a chance to drop in on some of the local Colorado retailers, including my friend Wally at High Country down in Monument. His is a dual-purpose store, specialising in garden supplies and consumer winemaking. He's a tremendously sharp guy who really connects with his customers and makes everyone feel welcome. Plus, he's got a resident kitty-cat who has the run of the garden centre. How could you not love a store that gives you the opportunity to moogle a kitty while you shop?

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Red Ink, Red Wine

I swear, the economy was like that when I got here

How about that world economy? I know, it's enough to drive you to drink--not that I've ever felt it necessary to have an excuse. Having been through this a couple of times, I've learned that the best way to protect your retirement is to avoid looking at your portfolio: that way you'll avoid a thrombosis and live long enough to retire.

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Weekly Wined-Up

Yes, Bacchus is worshipped here

I've been a bit remiss in updating my blog, but between getting ready for Limited Edition and being politically active (I did my advance vote--I'll be away) and drinking to drive away the electoral process blues from two countries at once, I've had a full calendar.

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The Limiteds Are Here!

Woo hoo, Limiteds are here! Well, no, they're not really. But they will be, and we know what they are!

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Wine for Bats

Ultrasonic wine ager . . . sure it is.

I once had the opportunity to talk to a con man (reformed) as part of a fraud seminar I took when I worked at a bank, and I got to ask him a question that's bugged me my whole life: how do people fall for idiotic scams? When we read about the contortions folks go through to hand over hard-earned cash for a handful of magic beans, we laugh and fee superior--how could they be so dumb?

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