Drive By Baudelaire

We make a lovely couple, no? With Anita Johnson

Another drive-by post: I had a great time in Ohio and Indiana, but it was a terrifically tight schedule that had me up early and to bed late, and now I've got piles to catch up on, so I'll be brief and promise more later. A big shout-out to my lovely friend Anita Johnson and all of her staff, friends and customers who came out to the component tasting I did, and for the LE 2012 tasting--great folks and a really fun time. 

I really wanted to post this morning because I was reading a book I bought at the museum sale last week, and came across an essay in it, written by Baudelaire. According to the interwebs, Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a French poet who produced notable work as an essayist, art critic, and pioneering translator of Edgar Allan Poe. More than that, he was cheeky and immensely funny. I mean, look at that face: more

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Hey Ho Ohio!

Air Canada coffee has one thing to recommend it: caffeine

Quick update: I'm on the road again, after a week of chasing details and explaining myself. I'll be in Ohio and Indianapolis this week, seeing old friends and preaching the joy of wine. Hope to see you there! Remember, Limited Edition 2012 deadline for ordering wines  is fast approaching--make sure you don't get left out! more

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Minnesota, L'Etoile du Nord

Etoile indeed!

'L'Etoile du Nord' is the state motto of Minnesota, French for 'Star of the North' (it's like those Frenchmen have a word for everything!) This makes my fifth or sixth trip to the state, and I like it more every time I get to come here. Between the vibrant communities, the agreeable weather (except for mid-winter when it's too cold for this Canadian), the burgeoning food and beverage scene and the insanely nice people, it's a pretty special place. 

I'm spending most of my time in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the twin cities. 21st most populous city in the US, the population historically has been mainly of German and Scandinavian descent, but that doesn't mean that diversity hasn't crept in, with a healthy mix of views and personalities just sloshing around. As for those people I characterise as 'insanely nice', I'm not kidding: there's an actual phrase that covers this, 'Minnesota Nice', and it's a real thing. For some reason people here are pleasant, concerned and gentle in almost all things--the first couple of times I was here I thought they were putting me on, having a bit of a laugh at the tourist. Nope, it's consistent: people from this state are just . . . nice. It's something every city could use more of, and I'm going to vow that I'll try to be more like a Minnesotan from now on. more

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LE 2012 Varieties Announcement--Plus an Explanation . . .

Winexpert's 2012 Limited Edition (LE 2012) is here! Five exciting wines from great vineyards--the best grapes the world has to offer. Order deadline is coming up faster than you think, so make sure you get yours in as soon as possible! 

An important and slightly embarrassing note in the following videos: two of them are out of order. more

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Customer Appreciation Barbecue

Oh my!

It somehow seems fitting that the Winexpert Retail store is going to have its annual Customer Appreciation Parking Lot Barbecue and Super Sale on the official first day of Fall. September 22nd is the transition between the bright, sunny days of summer, with their lazy and meandering weeks of rest and relaxation, and the serious season of fall, when the harvest must be put aside for the chilly days, and winter to come. 

If you're like me, you spent your summer not making wine and beer. Perhaps drinking it by the pool or on the patio with friends, but when you've had great weather like we've had lately, it's too nice to play inside. But that means cellars and beer fridges all over the place are dangerously low, and with the return of the rainy season, and kids back to school we need to make sure we have the means of succour (or celebration!) on hand, and that makes this a great time to take advantage of some seriously good sale prices on wine and beer making supplies and kits, as well as a chance to win fabulous prizes. more

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