Pink Globally, Act Locally

It's a pink world after all . . . 

Wednesday, February 27th is Pink Shirt day, when we wear pink to show our opposition to bullying in all forms. Every year I like to make a point of wearing pink to show my solidarity with people who are bullied. Everyone deserves to feel safe, to be a part of our society, and to be free from fear and harassment.

Bully this!

I'm of a size and disposition that makes it unlikely I'll be bullied, so that makes it all the more important for people like me to stand up and say we won't allow bullying to happen in our presence. If you want to participate, I'd love to count you in. Check out Pink Shirt day's Facebook page, or just join me in wearing pink--I think it's the toughest colour I know. more

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Baby Winestein

It's been a marvellous month for letters and emails from Winexpert winemakers and fans of the grape around the world, and it just keeps getting better. From the chap who enthusiastically tackled challenges in spelling and grammar to share his enthusiasm for Washington wines, to another writer halfway around the world who wanted to confirm something she had read in an article I wrote on oak and wine--had I really used Norwegian Wood and woken up in a bathtub?.

Yesterday I checked my email and found a delightful note from Ashley Brandt, a law-talking person from Chicago, with this picture attached. more

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Oh Happy Days!

From left to right: Cos d'Estornel, Mouton Rothschild, Petrus, Latour, Pichon Lalonde, Rieussec

February 18th is National Drink Wine Day in the USA. Since we're bunkies, I thought that we could tag along and appropriate the date as well--after all, we share nearly everything. I propose that Canadians join in and take a moment out of their day to enjoy a glass of wine, and be mindful of the soil, the weather and the vines that brought it to you, and most especially, to share it with people you love.

Of course, today is also the US Presidents Day holiday. Since a few US presidents have been a bit cheeky towards Canada (James Polk was quite a scamp) I'm not sure how that ties in--perhaps if you have some Madeira on hand (a well-regarded beverage at the time of the American revolution) you could toast with that, or just hum 'Hail to the Chief' as you open your bottle. more

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We Get Questions--We Give Answers

What does that mean?

As Technical Services Manager, eventually the tough questions end up on my desk. Not that I'm complaining, because hard questions are delightful. I learn more from figuring out the answer to most people's inquiries than any other avenue of research, reading or study. Answering other people is an excellent way to get an education in your own field.

But it goes both ways--I often get to learn something about an entirely unrelated field, and then I'm smitten. Chasing down a new idea or the details of something complex and interesting is like catnip for someone with my particular kind of brain--I display some characteristics of nerd-ism that popular culture identifies with ASD or Asperger's, but I'm pretty certain that the only valid description of the way I am is 'Differently-Brained'. more

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Nothing is Brighter Than An Eclipse

Here comes the sun (photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

I'm going to do something I have very rarely done in my blog: talk about one of Winexpert's products. I know, I know, quelle surprise! 

For folks who came here honestly expecting to read a blog about wine and got my idle ramblings sociological observations and lifestyle posts, I do in fact live my life in wine, despite the dearth of references I make to it here. Sometimes a day goes by that I don't enjoy a glass of wine, but not two in a row. And I'm an ardent user of Winexpert's winemaking juices--I make at least thirty batches a year (well, I would, wouldn't I? I have to know how they're working and how every new wine tastes, and that means a lot of make-and-drink. It's a tough life.) more

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