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It's been a while!

I've had a busy summer, with a lot of cool stuff going on. I haven't merely been an idle layabout avoiding this blog: I was away on vacation for three solid weeks, an unusual circumstance, in this busy era we live in. The first week I was consumed with the various chores I had put off for 365 days, getting up every morning an hour earlier than I do for work, flopping into bed well after dark and making a new list up the next day. When the next week rolled around I packed up the car and roared up to a place called Horsefly.

It wasn't called Horsefly back then, it was called 'Ouch! What are these danged things?'

The trip was courtesy of my chum Mark, whose family has a cabin up there. It was a fun time of campfires, gopher hunting, long hikes and darn fine camp cooking. Those gophers never saw what hit 'em, which is to say: nothing. I'll be back again, and this time I'll bring my A game, dang rodents. 

After that was another week of staycation: long walks, beach days, gardening and hiking. I've been enjoying the trails through Campbell Valley Regional Park, a short drive from my place. There are wonderful trails that are simultaneously quiet, stuffed with wildlife of various sorts and quite serene. more

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