Shameless Commercial Appeal

Good advice at any time, really

Oh my: for the second time in a year I'm going to talk about Winexpert business. This has absolutely no correlation to the fact that it's my annual review, year-end, and I'm trying to bump up sales for the Winexpert Retail store. 

Suuuuure. more

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Customer Shaming

Yeah, that's how it works. 

One of my favorite newspapers, the New York Post, published an article this March about rude bartenders in the city, Take This Drink and Shove It, detailing some very offensive interactions between customers and the members of the hospitality industry they encountered. While hedging their criticism by noting that there are plenty of good bars that don't intentionally insult and degrade customers, they gave some examples that are eye-popping in their unmannerly conduct. 

One spot in particular, Mayahuel has a charming bartender who declared, more

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